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An excellent explanation of the J-Test and the spurs the test produces can be found here. Linear phase EQs like Waves Linear Phase EQ are purely digital and are able to achieve zero phase shift when boosting/cutting bands. A Benchmark application note goes into much greater detail with figures. (Antialias Filters and System Transient Response at High Sample Rates (J. The Recording Arts Orchestra of Los Angeles conducted by John Williams has great presence and imaging in this recording and the Audio-gd AS-1 DAC fully translates that without the need to add anything else. “Chan Chan” is one of my favorite songs on this album. The digital frequency response measurement uses a 24/192 line sweep tone from 10 Hz to 96 kHz. The LED display reminds me of a digital clock/radio as it mainly shows 3 numbers that correspond to a different input and digital filter states that you can choose from. A million to one. The above image is the Intersample Over Test on the Audio-gd AS-1. If you do not like all the ringing you can reduce it by changing the filter. The filter is rolling off below 20 kHz. By applying a static EQ, you can carve out space from your kick for the snare to live in, the effect of which persists between snare hits. Just a guess on my part. An inverse Chebyshev has worse group delay variation than a Butterworth with no zeros or a Bessel, but the Bessel filters require a lot more poles to get the transition band to match the Butterworth. Basically what came out of an analog CD player. The first reconstruction tone is down a tiny 30 dB. Read our beginners guide to navigate the right choice for any situation. A VST host like energyXT or VSTHost needs to be present on the target computer in order to make use of the audio plugin’s capabilities. We want the ratio of the full-scale signal to the noise so we add 90 dB. It is flat past 20 kHz. A graph is implemented in the main window for helping you perform frequency adjustments by simply dragging the mouse. Carlo currently lives in Granville, Ohio with his wife, two young sons and a pair of hyperactive dachshunds. This hints this might be a mix of IIR and FIR filters. The Audio-gd AS-1 offers 7 digital reconstruction filters with very different properties. This is the best result we have gotten so far in this test from available equipment, hence it’s used as a reference point. Here we get the first reconstruction tone down -110 dB (red trace). The Intersample Over Test was inspired by John Siau at Benchmark Media Systems. Group delay is often a more accurate indication of phase distortion than Deviation from Linear Phase. The Surface uses ROON to access all my digital music files via external hard drive and the Qobuz streaming service. With that driver, DSD has to be sent to the DAC via DOP and not natively. Learn how your comment data is processed. OK GO – Surprise Synth Chopping & Modulation Tricks. The direct online sales model keeps prices reasonable. The high-quality Linear Phase EQ effect is similar to the Channel EQ, sharing the same parameters and eight-band layout. You can argue that it’s not expressly necessary to show such information with programs like ROON or J.River that tell you exactly what the DAC is doing, and I’ve heard arguments that modern displays are an easy way for noise or distortion to enter the DAC’s system. Which EQ do you use most? For the money, I would regard it as a good buy and worthy of consideration. Anyway the controls are quite simple the frequency adjustment in the graphic equalizer stage itself are adjusted by a simple drag using the mouse. Free graphing calculator instantly graphs your math problems. It looks like the stop-band starts at exactly half the sample rate. It was at about that time as well that Carlo began purchasing “Audio Magazine” on a regular basis and came to appreciate, in particular, the writing and reviewing of the late Leonard Feldman. LIMITER /  Rich. Any spur below the line is inherent in the test and not from the DAC box. INSTRUMENTS /  A static EQ boosts/cuts the energy of a band by a set amount, regardless of the level of the incoming audio signal. I assume the fast roll-off minimum phase filter is a Butterworth, but with no group delay plot or filter order, I have no way to tell. The signal to noise drops by 10 dB to 20.2 dB relative to the -100dB tone. If you like what a minimum phase EQ does to your mix, then use it. 53 people have added Linear Phase Graphic EQ to 11, W. A. Reading through their website and product descriptions, it becomes apparent that the gear they produce is voiced to meet a preferred “house” sound. How Much Amplifier Power Does your Home Theater Need? Long before MQA, Meridian had a DAC with an Apodizing filter. The unknown is how much penalty has been paid in group delay linearity. The company has a reputation for high-value products and AS-1 is no different. The QA401 can be seen to have a suitably low noise level for something that isn’t an Audio Precision analyzer. You may see that term pop up in spec sheets. Clean and transparent sound quality with plenty of detail. The second-order harmonics at 38 and 40 kHz are at 107 dB and 115 dB below the fundamental. The filter is rolling off below 20 kHz in the passband. Linear programming is used for obtaining the most optimal solution for a problem with given constraints. Even if you aren’t performing parallel compression, this phase shift will create a change in your audio signal, even without compressing the incoming signal. The test is close to an 11 kHz tone at –3 dBFS down and is a small, low-frequency square wave that creates activity in the PCM data which makes it harder for the clock recovery circuit to produce a clock without some phase noise. How it compares with other VST eqs is up to your ears really. Carlo subsequently spent a lot of time in his room…As he grew older, he would spend countless hours in downtown Toronto stereo shops, listening to all manner of gear and picking the brains of the various store owners. Here I’ve combined the test results of each of AS-1’s 7 available filters with the corresponding square wave that the filter would generate, for comparison. Graphic EQs are particularly well suited to live sound situations, where the engineer can make rapid decisions with clearly marked sliders, without having to worry about fine-tuning each frequency band. If you are looking for a DAC that fits the engineering design mold of a boutique audiophile product, Audio-gd sells several different types of them that are tuned to their “house sound”. There is just layer upon layer of acoustic guitars, electric slide guitar, congas, bongos, maracas, trumpet, and vocals all weaving in and out. Analog filters are causal, which means nothing comes out until something goes in. For my review, the Audio-gd AS-1 DAC was primarily used via the USB connection with my Surface 3 PRO tablet. The signal is 0.0000034 of full scale. Since the filter has poles and zeros in the digital domain it is called an IIR. An HTML help manual is included in the package and provides only some succinct descriptions about the audio setup options. To show you that ESS can do useful things with the added zeros, we look at the next example. It allows you to choose between 7 different filter types for each band and enables a mid/side mode. He thus uses the Apodizing filter to remove the time domain response of those filters and replaces it with the response of this final filter in the DAC. 53 people have added Linear Phase Graphic EQ to 11 My KVR groups 57 times. This content is not available in your country. This is called a Fast Roll-off Minimum Phase filter. As I said earlier, my general bias when it comes to DACs is for accuracy over embellishment, so in hindsight, maybe I am the perfect target market for this thing. Unique to John Atkinson’s presentation is applying the Reis white noise only in the right channel. Even a bank of simple LED lights with the sampling frequency screen printed on the front face would be helpful. The 10 kHz test tone at 0 dBFS produces a THD+N is 0.0006%. Such filters are called Apodizing although ESS does not use that term for this filter. The final spectrum is the Julian Dunn J-Test for jitter at a sampling rate of 44.1k samples/sec. The transition band is really slow as advertised in the name. The engineers can tolerate only so much embarrassment. It is like falling off a brick wall which is why they call this a “Brick Wall” filter. The display itself is my biggest gripe with the Audio-gd AS-1. Even if all the parts of your mix sound great on their own, you may experience frequency overlap that causes exaggerated transients, or masking of particular elements. I also used the AS-1 DAC attached to my desktop workstation via USB and using J.River Media Center 26 as the playback software in that application. The filter is flat until it approaches half the sampling rate. I haven’t come across a surgical graphic EQ before, and for good reason; being unable to change the center frequency of a band would make for quite a poor surgical EQ.

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