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“ You all are so annoying. “Even then, you still shouldn’t tease them.” Amami laughs, rubbing the back of his head and going back to playing with the cat.

Within a fraction of a second, Amami was standing next to Kiibo with a hand on the smaller boy’s head. Yes

The Puella Magi Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. SHSL_Whore_chan, NayeGrey, halebopp, ruinhistorynerd, bqxie, Hungeronion, Baron_von_Bullsheisse, A_Righter, Anonymous_Archivist, Seavee, ZachPlum, fatiguedfern, RedMageCole, dfriel1996, pekosan, PandaNoko, Pizzacato_N0tes, gonta, Red_CELEBRATION, Princeasimdiya12, DestinyWing, grayimperia, kirukaede, idaate, and DragonCarnation “Ooh, Momota-kun’s getting in trouuuble!” He teases, reaching over and trying to steal a fried chicken from Kaito, only for the boy to angrily yank his lunch away from the messy-haired gremlin. “ You all need to focus on your studies. “Momota-kun, this is quite literally the hundredth time this month that you’ve asked me for my notes. A girl with her platinum blonde hair tied in pigtails drew in a sketchbook while giving pointers to an athletic-looking girl with long black hair tied in odd-looking braids as the latter struggled with math homework.


Label “Excuse me… we shouldn’t be fighting, could you maybe try to calm d--” She begins, cut off as the two yell at her in sync.

“If that’s the case, why the hell are we starting tomorrow if we gotta study for exams too? Background music A few head look over to stare at the group, and without Hoshi, they couldn’t exactly wipe their minds of what they had just seen. “Ouma-kun’s… strange, but I don’t think he meant to hurt your feelings, Saihara-kun!” Kaede smiles.
I’ve kept count.”. “Tenko has to agree with Saihara-san on this one, even if he’s a men ace.” Tenko mumbles, pressing her index fingers together in front of her. “I thought it would be nice. “Aw, Chabashira! “E-eugh… don’t yell at me..!

“Oh yeah, Kiibaby’s like a walking calculator, isn’t he?” Ouma teases. “Hold on a sec, are you telling us you copied off that stupid little twink, and expected a good grade? The tall and burly Gonta, the mature and regal looking Tojo, and of course, little sleepy Himiko who always talked of MP, and being a mage. !”, “Whoa-hoa-hoa! tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?

“ Ah, Shirogane-san, is everything alright? Shithara’s getting trampled on by the knife fucker! “Ah, if Chabashira-san’s protecting the girls, then Gonta will do his best to protect the boys!” The tall boy beams brightly. Of course, she isn’t too far to where she can’t hear them, but she’s obviously making an effort to avoid interacting with anyone. “Ah, alright. I can cast a love spell on you two… ” Himiko’s voice drones and Tsumugi has to stop her face from getting entirely red. Salve, terrae magicae (Latin)Welcome to the world of magic (English) ” Tojo tells them calmly via telepathy-- a perk of forming a contract with Monokuma. “God tells me… that Hoshi’s gonna go feed stray cats after this!

With that, Saihara’s expression became even more uncomfortable as Ouma laughs a little and motions to the bizarre boy again.

“Oh, n-no, no, I’m fine! “It’s God! You can see them at almost any cafe or library, especially during exam season-- a small (or occasionally large) group of friends working together to frantically cram a semester’s or year’s worth of knowledge into their heads. Kaito is about to start yelling again when a girl with long, messy strawberry blonde hair speaks up. “We risk a drought of witches if we hunt all of them at once, and there may be other magi out there who need grief seeds.”, “ That shouldn’t be a problem.

Harukawa’s harsh glare sets on Tenko.

Stream 02-Salve, terrae magicae by BiYao24 from desktop or your mobile device “With that over with,” Kiibo speaks up with a flat tone, “are there any more complaints, or am I free to continue?” Everyone remains quiet, so he decides to take that as a signal to continue.

“Hey, Kiibo, my man! Salve, terrae magicae (Madoka Magica OST), Users who like Salve, terrae magicae (Madoka Magica OST), Users who reposted Salve, terrae magicae (Madoka Magica OST), Playlists containing Salve, terrae magicae (Madoka Magica OST), More tracks like Salve, terrae magicae (Madoka Magica OST). “Speaking of Akamatsu,” The small boy with the candy cigarette speaks up with a surprisingly deep voice, “isn’t it odd for her to be late? “ Eugh… D-don’t say shit like that..! ”. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? With Ouma and Tojo no longer speaking to her, Maki goes back to what she was doing-- nothing. Miscellaneous

“I appreciate the concern, Akamatsu, but don’t sweat it.


Literature was a rather tedious class when you could remember everything the first time. “I’m out of here.” Maki says tersely, grabbing her things before Kiibo could finish speaking and making her way out of the park just as fast. Download:

“I mean, I know we shouldn’t really talk about it, but this team’s gonna fall apart if we don’t address the elephant in the room. “Ah!

“What’s it saying, Gokuhara?” The smallest boy asks, scratching the chat behind its ears, and the tallest boy looks over, the butterfly perched on his large hand. Ooh, or maybe even me!” Ouma huffs, causing Amami to laugh and rub his neck.

“Err-- Hoshi-kun, if you have the time… Gonta needs a bit of help with English, do you think you could help Gonta out?” He asks, the smaller boy looking mildly surprised before glancing away, tugging at his beanie. Gonta’s sorry for surprising you! So, Kaito lets out a groan and moves his bento closer to the smaller boy.

“Mind if I come with?” The taller boy asks, grabbing his bag too. “ You started it. While that is excellent for us, it is incredibly dangerous for the civilians. “I’m not sure how to feel about being used as an example…” Tsumugi mumbles.

“If you’re all ready, shall we begin? Classical “Oh, make sure you’re careful on the way home! Used in... Tenko and Hoshi both blush rather intensely. You don’t need to buy anything for us, I think we have enough here as it is!” Kaede stammers.

“... Fine, it’s not like I have anything better to do.”.

“Excuse me, Harukawa-san? It's a rather strange sight, but one that would be strangely forgotten from anyone who bothers to pry into their affairs. Himiko just yawns and mumbles that she’s low on MP, while Tenko seems to be incredibly flustered by the group.

Please consider turning it on! [ a v3/pmmm au ]inconsistent/late updates due to school. “It’s pointless to try talking to her, Tojo-chan!” Ouma chirps, “Harumaki doesn’t want to hang out with us, so if you keep bugging her, she might try to choke you!

You toy with a girl’s innocent heart, and once you’re tired of playing with them, you throw them aside like trash!” She huffs. “Anyways, that is what I needed to talk to you all about.

Ouma’s answers were shit too, and he’s not forced to study shit he doesn’t need to know.”, A boy with messy, dark purple hair snickers from across the blanket.

” Saihara thinks to himself, and it’s when he hears Iruma bite back laughter behind him that he realizes he accidentally broadcasted his thoughts out. ” “ Stay out of it, ya four-eyed prude! Not all of it, you ass!”. Release The people who held onto chopsticks with a blue end were Saihara, Maki, and Iruma. This time, it was Kaito’s turn to laugh at him. Kiibo’s expression doesn’t change, but he doesn’t seem to mind, either. N/A Tojo looks slightly confused, twirling her hair around her finger. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud. “ Ah!

It was composed by Yuki Kajiura. “Gonta’s butterfly friend says that you shouldn’t worry, Hoshi-kun! “Rrgh… Don’t do anything funny to Yonaga-san just because Tenko has to go meet Yumeno-san and Tojo-san..! However, Gonta partially raises his hand, as if he was a student in a class. i've been working super hard on this au!! ” Saihara glances at Maki again, and withers slightly. God smiles down on you!”. “But, Gonta agrees with Yonaga-san!

”. “We’ll meet up here at sunset, and hunt for approximately 2 hours before meeting back up. There was a problem playing this track. ” Korekiyo’s addition causes Iruma to shudder, withering immediately. “ Anyways, ” Tsumugi coughs, motioning to Kiibo-- who was still standing perfectly still and waiting to speak-- and smiles, “why don’t we let Kiibo give us the rundown of why he called us here!”. “Seeya tomorrow, Kiibo!” Momota yells over the other boy’s yells, and the two are off and on their way. “It also said that Akamatsu-san was muttering about…” He moves the butterfly close to his ear, and then moves it away, “Sleeping through her alarm, and that she should set it to something other than…” He brings it back to his ear. I can go and purchase some if necessary.” She asks. Stop being mean to Yonaga-san!” Tenko says loudly, and Hoshi looks… completely baffled. It’s super good, and Angie wants more!” The tanned girl chirps, raising her cup. The people who held onto chopsticks with a yellow end were Kiibo, Ouma, and Korekiyo. Please download one of our supported browsers. “Of course!

The chalk hardly phases Himiko, and the class laughs a little louder. “Ooh, ooh!

There’s plenty of time for studying if you can manage your time well enough.” Amami spins one of his rings around on his finger. “You shouldn’t accuse him of that!

But because I like you, I’ll wait until Akamatsu-chan gets here to keep teasing them!”. My dude!
Do you need anything at all?” The mature-looking girl asks, the other girl glaring at her in response. Iruma rolls her eyes and stands up. I’d be okay with plain old Shirogane-chan, too! Maybe he’s the killer Yonaga-chan was talking about!” Ouma suggests, and Angie looks over at him with a small pout.

“ Wh… why are you glaring at me? “Oh my god, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard from you-- For a robot honors student, you’re pretty dumb!” Ouma teases, giving him a hard pat on the back before yelping and pulling his hand away.

His eyes do one more double-take over the large group before he speaks up again. Puella Magi Madoka MagicaDrama CD3Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: The Beginning StoryPuella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 2: The Eternal Story Current track: 民族音楽風 まど☆マギ『Salve, Terrae Magicae』 PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA 民族音楽風 まど☆マギ『Salve, Terrae Magicae』 PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA. “ What can I even make a special attack out of with a gun..?

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