End of Multiculturalism

  1. The era of multiculturalism is over and dead.
  2. There is going to be new massive religious war; we will soon witness a second phase of the crusades. This was the period where the Christian and Muslim world fought bitterly.  The heat is on now; the leaders of the Muslim world have done nothing to form a uniform law in regards to Islam. Any idiot can become an Imam and issue fatwa’s most of which are senseless and violent in nature.  There is no proper hierarchical structure. On the same token, the Christian leaders have not done much to try to push for some agreement with the leaders in the Muslim world and to push these leaders to form a system that treats those who push for violence as outcasts. The only Muslim leader who has consistently tried to form a bridge of friendship between the Muslim and Christian world is Fethullah Gulen, a cleric from Turkey who lives in Pennsylvania. Currently, he is Erdogan’s arch-enemy, and Erdogan is doing everything he can do to destroy his organisation and its people.  Anyway, bottom line, the point of no return has been hit, so going forward from here, we can only expect more violent encounters between these two groups; Sadly there is a group of individuals that have planned this for decades and possibly generations and they are the only ones that will benefit from this. The once quiet Christians and Catholics of the world (Europe, South American, ) are about to pick up their swords and embrace violence.   We are now going to move from the New Testament phase that advocates turning your cheek, to the Old Testament phase that states take an eye for an eye.  On this note, we expect that Europe will lead the way and pass some incredibly harsh and shocking new laws in regards to other religion (primarily against Islam). The once quiet Europeans are about to change their positions; from opening their arms and welcoming new cultures and religions, they are going to clench their hands into a fist and raise their swords.  We are just telling you what we see, not what we want or wish. Wants and wishes are a waste of time; the only thing that matter is reality, and the reality is that we are entering a period of war.
  3. Governments in the west will continue to become more authoritarian in nature, and this will trigger the formation of new groups of freedom fighters. These chaps will utilise computer technology together with regular war strategies to resist; so expect the number of hacker attacks to soar.   The days of civil wars are dawning closer. Watch the matrix and terminator again, for those days are fast approaching. The terminators, in this case, are the governments in the west.
  4. Weather; expect the unexpected and surreal. Humans behave crazy it’s because there are planetary changes taking place. If you understand these changes you can resist, but to resist you must know your enemy and you must understand the problem.  Research how weather affects human and animal behavioural patterns.  We are going to continue to witness strange and spectacular weather patterns. Mother Nature is about to show the world who the true master of this planet is.  Volcanic eruptions will occur in places that no one ever expected, violent earthquakes,  flooding, extreme action in the seas, typhoons, hurricanes, devastating droughts,  , etc.   On the same token, places that are prone to all sorts of disasters or have suffered endless periods of droughts, flooding, etc., will suddenly start to experience a period of extended calm. Remember the equation must always balance.  So places, where the weather was and is extremely harsh, will suddenly start to witness a shift to conditions that are more conducive to life.
  5. Trust will become even more valuable than Gold or platinum. We are entering the phase, where you might not even be able to trust your own shadow. Thus if you have a good friend, remember to treat him or her better than Gold, for they actually are better than gold and extremely hard to find these days. We are now in the midst of the era of lies and deceit.  Remember this old saying too” if you have family you do not need enemies”; we are entering the phase where it could never be truer.



Do not view these changes with dismay.  Life changes, it always did and it always will.  Change is what makes us develop.  For something good to happen, there must be some destruction. The old structure and way of thinking have to collapse.  So after this period of chaos and violence subsides, there will be an extended period of tranquillity and higher thinking. At some point, the entire world will experience a phase shift regarding intellect and perception. For now, there is very little that separates the average man from a single-celled amoeba regarding intelligence. One could argue that the single-celled amoeba is more intelligent regarding its actions. Those that refuse to change will be weeded out, and they will perish. Nature has a way of doing this; thus those individuals that refuse to graduate from the pits of subhuman thinking will be removed from the system; the slogan adapt or die will take on a new meaning in the years to come.

When this period of turmoil ends, man will be able to think like an intelligent being and not like a violent animal whose only distinctive features are his ability to talk, though in most instances he would be better served with silence, and his ability to kill another for no reason at all.  In that sense, one could argue that the biggest and most dangerous virus on this planet is a species called homo-sapien. It’s the only species that kills for nothing and goes out of its way to destroy its habitat. No other species is this idiotic in nature.