legalised drug dealers

Doctors today are a far cry from the Doctors of yesteryear; today they are more likely to be on par with drug dealers. The difference between a doctor and street dealer is that one has a license to deal while the other does not.  Take for example psychotropic drugs; drug manufacturers make a fortune selling what amounts to toxic stuff to individuals in the guise of trying to help them. Watch the video below; it will open your eyes to the abuse drug manufacturers are subjecting the American populace to


In most cases, you are your best doctor  

How many people understand this simple fact? That you can diagnose any problem far better than any doctor could, but because you think a doctor knows more, you will never know anything. You have already accepted the false premise, to begin with, and so you are now limited regarding what you can do to find regarding a cure or a viable treatment for your problem.  Very few people know that every disease is related to stress. Remove the stressor, and the body heals remarkably well, on a simple nutrient dense diet; fruits, veggies, meats, eggs, etc.; things that you find tasty, but that are not full of crap. If you cannot pronounce it properly chances are it should not be in your diet.  Look at any packaging even organic, and you will find out there is a bunch of junk that should not be there.  One that appears everywhere and is extremely dangerous is carrageenan.

Diet; take out the T, and you have died, and that is what literally happens to you when you diet. You die.  You are not supposed to diet or fast. You are supposed to eat correctly. Do you see any animal voluntarily subjecting itself to this kind of stress?   Remember not long ago we stated that to see the picture (any picture) in the real light, you would need to be ready to throw everything you know in the garbage and be open to new ideas. The choice is yours.

To make a long story short, if you view things through the simple eyes of a child and process them with the advanced computer you have up there otherwise known as a brain, then, for the most part, you will arrive at the same conclusions we have. You might even become better than us.

Last thoughts

Stress kills for it causes the wrong hormones to spike and these hormones in turn subject your body to higher levels of inflammation.  Combine that with the wrong foods, and you have a time bomb in the makings.   Take time out to enjoy the simple things in life, watch less TV and read more.   And avoid the following foods or foods that contain the following items

Hydrogenated oils, Carrageenan, Artificial colours, silica, and polyunsaturated fats, and Titanium Dioxide., this is a great website that enables you to identify which brand manufactures supplements with little or no fillers.