“What is Permabear?”- the World of Perpetual Pessimism
a nail in wood

The term “Permabear” refers to a unique breed of investors who possess an unwavering and persistently negative outlook on the financial markets. They are characterized by their unyielding belief that the market is perpetually doomed to decline, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. No matter the circumstances or prevailing trends, Permabears hold fast to […]

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Insights on AI: Unforeseen Changes Amidst Growing Enthusiasm
robot and it's reflection

The landscape of AI is rapidly evolving, triggering heightened anticipation of a new market boom. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the recent transformation in market dynamics, where the Nasdaq and S&P500 were influenced by a limited number of stocks. While this shift could have been seen as a favorable development, an overwhelming surge in bullish […]

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