AMD analysis and RSI Stock Indicator
amd stocks and MACD / rsi analysis

Rsi stock indicator and Analysis for AMD Shares in 2023 The fusion of crowd mentality and contrarian analysis can greatly amplify our comprehension of market trends and bolster our capacity to make lucrative investment choices. While the rsi stock indicator and MACD indicators offer crucial insights into stock market lows, incorporating the study of crowd […]

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Invest when there is blood in the streets
investing in hard times

The investment sphere reverberates with the adage, “Invest when there is blood in the streets.” This captivating expression alludes to acquiring stocks or assets amidst severe market upheaval or panic. The figurative “blood” represents the pervasive dread and turmoil among investors, leading to a scenario of significant price drops. Contrarian investors perceive this as a […]

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Value Investing Dead? – the Truth Behind a Timeless Strategy
value investing dead

Introduction In the world of finance, investing strategies come and go, often replaced by the latest fad promising incredible returns. One such strategy that has stood the test of time is value investing. Spearheaded by legendary investors like Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, value investing gained popularity for its conservative and disciplined approach to stock […]

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Money Velocity Equation: Analyzing Economic Growth Predictors and the Impact of AI Disruption
money velocity equatation

Nations with a faster money velocity often signal a more advanced stage of growth. The money velocity tends to oscillate in sync with economic cycles. In times of economic prosperity, there’s a higher propensity for consumers and businesses to spend, thus accelerating the money’s velocity. Conversely, during economic downturns, spending habits become more conservative, leading […]

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